Leaf Blower

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Leaf blowers are essential tools for clearing leaves and other debris from your property or at a site. When searching or a leaf blower, the sheer number of sizes, types and models can get overwhelming for you. As such, you need a reliable supplier to help you navigate the market and land the right tool for the job.

We are the leading supplier of leaf blowers in the country with a wide range of products for professional or home use. Our products come with top of the range features and specifications to ensure the best performance. What's more we only stock high quality leaf blowers from reputable brands so longevity and durability is never an issue.

Besides giving you the best performance, we have only chosen leaf blowers that offer high efficiency. Whether you are working with a cordless leaf blower or a fuel powered one, you want your fuel to go a long way. We have products with highly innovative engines with latest technologies that use the least amount of fuel to deliver the required power to move or suck on the leaves and debris.

We stock three types of leaf blowers; handheld, backpack and walk-behind. Handheld leaf blowers are the smallest, more portable and lightweight of all the three. They don't offer much power due to their small engines making them suitable only for small yards. They are also best suited for only moving leaves. Back back leaf blowers are bigger than handheld and offer more power. They are suited for extensive clearing jobs and more so for commercial landscaping. If having a backpack on your back all day doesn't feel like your cup of tea, then you will love the walk-behind leaf blowers. As the name suggests these are pushed from behind. They are best suited for large properties, golf courses and commercial use.

To further offer you options, our leaf blowers are available as either electric or fuel powered. The electric leaf blowers are usually cordless to give you the freedom of movement you need to clear debris. They are also suitable for use on remote sites without any connection to the mains power. Fuel powered leaf blowers on the other hand operate on either diesel or petrol. Both our electric and fuel powered leaf blowers are at par when it comes to the features so the choice really comes down to your preferences. But electric models are quieter and more environmental friendly since they do not have any emissions.

As a leader in the industry, we offer the most innovative and tech-filled products with the best performance, ease of use, safety and durability. Yes, we guarantee you nothing but the best, and our prizes are so easy on your pocket.

Choosing a leaf blower has never been easier. We have a team of knowledgeable staff on hand waiting to guide and match you to the right blower for your needs. We want you to get the best value for you money. Contact us today to learn more or place your order.